We have a team of fantastic nannies, if we do say so ourselves.

But don’t take our word for it, below is a selection of testimonials.




Jayne was with us this summer for around 4 weeks. My children (a girl of 5 and a boy of 7) absolutely loved her as did I. Jayne was very reliable and sensible, whether it was regarding food choices for their lunch or how she handled their little disputes. I was very impressed with her techniques in child-care and her general attitude towards the children; I actually felt I learnt a lot from her!

One thing stood out about Jayne and that was her natural affinity with the children. She was always playing with them and at no time did I see her sit and watch. This meant that their play was structured and really great fun for them. Whether it was at the waterpark, or playing “babies” in our garden Jayne was always there, gently guiding the fun. She clearly loves her job and has a great sense of humour, which the children find infectious.

Jayne helped out at a private party we held and she was able to direct and organise the other nannies so that the children attending (around 50 between the ages of 2 and 11) were safe, had lots of fun and the parents were able to relax and chat and enjoy the party.

I have no hesitation in recommending Jayne to other prospective parents and or organizations looking for a first rate Nanny. - Mrs Branagh




Mel came to me after my C-section became infected. I was in a bad way, partner was away working and I was feeling very miserable. Immediately, she showed me humanity and concern only a friend could. She took time to find me the right girl until she herself could look after Poppy. I call her Mary Poppins! She came in, took over without treading on emotional new mother’s toes and gave me such piece of mind. I could go out knowing she knew much more than me, so there was nothing to worry about or fret that she would do something wrong. Poppy was in the best hands.

I have used Mel regularly and she is irreplaceable. Always on hand with the best advice, even if she is on holiday!

What can I say, I can’t recommend her, or her girls enough. She is fantastic at vetting out the best nannies available so you know if she can’t be there, someone of a very high standard will be, and who will best suit your needs and your babies.

A great, very kind and funny lady! - Mrs Williams

I would highly recommend Tyler, My son adored her and she was lovely to have around, non-intrusive and helpful. Tyler is flexible, trust worthy and adapted very well to our lifestyle. Always happy to stay longer. I felt very comfortable leaving my son with Tyler as I had no doubt he was looked after in the best possible way. - Mrs Patel-Rodrigues

We wanted to thank you for sending Jayne to us during our Palma stay. Jayne was wonderful and a full part of a very successful trip. The kids loved her from the start and we liked her gentle personality.

Actually both my wife and 3 years old son wanted to import her back to Paris – my son even saying we could take her husband with us! - Mr Aknin

From the first time we met Mel she immediately made us feel at ease. We had only ever left our twins with family before and were a little apprehensive about leaving them with a stranger. However, we had nothing to worry about, Mel was helping with the children straight away and the twins were very happy with their new friend. Whilst in Majorca Mel has babysat for us often and one of those occasions was for our wedding blessing. Having Mel on hand at the wedding to look after our twins meant we could enjoy our day and mingle with our wedding guests. We are back out to Majorca in September and will be booking Mel again. We would not hesitate to recommend Mel to other parents. - Mrs Heap

Maria Worrall has looked after my children on many occasions, from babies to teens. She has a wonderful rapport with children and a great understanding of their needs. She is approachable and friendly. In addition to this, she is reliable and dedicated to her work. I would not hesitate to recommend Maria for a job carrying for children. She always demonstrates a high level of care which has given me the confidence to leave my children in her more than capable hands. - Michelle Chase

We used Mallorca Nannies last summer during my second son’s wedding. We were looking for a nanny to look after my grandchildren (aged 4.5yrs and 22 months) during the weekend of the wedding. I emailed Melanie before the weekend, having found the Mallorcan Nannies website and we built up an email correspondence discussing the children’s requirements etc – She could not have been more helpful.

We were renting a rather remote villa so decided to ask for two nannies as company for each other. Melanie and Lesley duly arrived on time and were great – they could not have been more helpful and they quickly took over the looking after of the children.

Melanie and Lesley collected the children after the wedding service – from a town about 20 miles away and drove them (in car seats) – on typically Majorcan twisty roads back to our villa and settled them down, put them to bed and looked after them until we returned home in the early hours!

Melanie returned the next day to look after Isla and Jago while a post wedding pool party was taking place! She could not have been nicer and kinder to the children and also with all the various guests!

I would wholeheartedly recommend Melanie, Lesley and Mallorca Nannies and I wish them every success. - Willa Elphinstone

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