Any time of day/night. All travel costs to be reimbursed to the nanny.


Holiday Nannies

An extra pair of hands and a smiling face to help make your holiday an even more fabulous experience!
Hours are to be arranged between yourselves and can be at anytime during the day or evening or can be split to suit. Overtime is extra and at the discretion of the nanny.


Event Nannies

Available for childcare during weddings, parties, BBQs etc.


Overnight Babysitting

By request, rate will depend on how many children.


Maternity Nurses

Let our maternity nurses guide you through those tough first few days/weeks/months. We can help you get into a routine and give you some much needed sleep so that you can enjoy this precious time with your newborn baby.
Rates are set by experience of the maternity nurse and number of babies you have.


Night Nannies

Get some sleep while your night nanny cares for your newborn (or newborns if twins). We have a specialist newborn expert on our books who can help with advice on routines, reflux, colic as well as giving you a good nights sleep! Rates by request.

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